Radiant Jewels

Life is mysterious. A couple weeks ago, my daughter came home from an evening with her grandma. They had been at church and unbeknownst to me, a woman at church gave Emerson a necklace for me. This may not seem very remarkable or unusual until you start to hear more of the details. The first remarkable part of the story is that I had never met this woman before. We are Facebook friends, but hadn't really communicated very often.

Emerson sat me down on the couch and spoke in a very slow and calm voice. She said, "Mom, a woman at church was going through her jewelry and she wanted you to have this. This necklace has been in her family for over a hundred years. When she looked at it, she thought of you for some reason." At this point, it almost seemed too much. Emerson sat next to me and held in her hands a small square white box. I almost didn't want to open it. How could a stranger gift such a precious and valuable gift to me? The intention itself was more than enough, but now Emerson also wanted me to open it. For a few seconds I just sat there trying to process it all. Emerson gently encouraged me, "Mom, open it. It's for you." I tried to refuse, "But, why didn't she give it to you? She knows you! Why me? I don't even know her. It's too much!" I finally opened up the box to find this beautiful and radiantly intricate necklace. I'm not sure if I've ever seen a necklace so beautiful. 

Since then, I have met the woman and she has given me another necklace that has been in her family. Both necklaces have beautiful gems in them, and I remembered how not long ago I worked on the third chakra, the manipūra chakra. This chakra is known as the "city of radiant jewels". Today I was looking at both necklaces, their beautiful and radiant jewels shining and I couldn't help but think about the energy in the manipura chakra, and were the yogis talking of literal jewels? Up until recently, I was certain the "jewels" were metaphorical. And perhaps they truly are, but I can't help but think of the sequence of events and how I somehow was bestowed such a generous and beautiful gift of jewels.