No effort is wasted

What are your limitations? Where did they come from? Do you question them?

My time on the yoga mat has revealed many of my limitations are self-imposed. In my own practice, I am still learning and growing. I continue to try new postures, many which seem out of my reach. This pose, the one in the video, I somehow got into my head I couldn’t do it. Instead of questioning or eliminating this thought, I took it as fact. I just assumed, “Nope, there’s no way I can do it. End of story.”

On the day I shot this video, I’m not sure what prompted me to try it. The posture popped in my head and instead of thinking about it too much, I just tried it. I don’t know how in the world my legs lifted up and then back down again. I remember thinking, “Whaaaaattt!? I’m not supposed to be able to do this!” It took me a few minutes to process it, and for the next week I still couldn’t quite believe it.

What did that situation teach me? That, on and off the mat, I limit myself and doubt myself out of habit. Yoga has taught me to at least try, to at least be open to a different possibility. Change is hard for all of us, even when it means opening up to a different, more expansive version of who we are.

Who would you be if you let go of your limitations? This is how yoga transforms us, one breath at a time. The Bhagavad Gita says this in Chapter 2, Verse 40: “On this path no effort is wasted, nor is there any danger of adverse effects. Even a little practice of this Yoga protects one from great fear.”