Yoga is not a sport

The other day a new student said to me, "I'm not very good at yoga." There are many people who think the main way to qualify a yoga experience is by their physical flexibility or strength. You will definitely strengthen the body and increase your range of movement. However, this is just one aspect of the practice. The beautiful gift that yoga gives us is it introduces us to the present moment. With each conscious breath we meet ourselves, then we begin to accept who we are.

Growing up an Asian female in a predominantly White community I wanted to look White. After practicing yoga for about a year, I came to love, respect, and value my own body. There is a peace and confidence that comes with acceptance. I accepted I was never going to look White. I accepted that this body is the only one I have, and it's a wonderful and powerful tool for transformation!

Back to the student who apologized for "not being good at yoga." I smiled at her, looked at the class and told them, "Yoga is not a sport, yoga is not a competition. It's bigger than that. Yoga is your life. Yoga is a qualitative transformation where you act from your whole self. Now, let's start from there!"

In gratitude,