When the Light Turns on

We started a fall session of yoga at one of the places I teach. Lately in my classes I’ve been focusing on expansion, of moving through our perceived limitations. In class, I’ve had students create a deeper expansion and openness in the body. Of course, the expansion isn’t just limited to the body. The mind and the breath expand as well. And with this expansion we experience the fullness of energy coursing through us.

As I was driving to class last night kind of marveling at the abundance of students in the classes, I couldn’t help but think about what I had been teaching the students and how it manifested in the classes. It’s all related, all connected. Your life is an extension of what you do on your mat, which is why it’s important to bring your whole self. Show up, be present, give yourself the gift of your full attention. See what happens, be open.

Last night, a room full of yogis practiced together, in union. They come from different backgrounds, have different personalities and ideologies and yet for that hour they were able to exist peacefully and joyfully with one another. This is the power and strength of yoga! I had them go to tree pose and then extend their hands up, extending beautifully from the heart center. As they did it, I told them to extend, to let the energy from their hearts radiate up their arms and through their hands and fingers. I told them how powerful they are, to never forget or underestimate it. They let the energy of their heart center radiate up and out through the room, and as they did the light in the room turned on. I mean literally the light turned on in the room. We all looked at each other with widened eyes, in awe and wonder. We all smiled, nodded, shook our heads a little. I said, “Look at what you did. You lit up the room, literally! You are powerful!” And it’s true.

You are powerful and your heart has a power that will light up the world.

In gratitude,