I am

I am.

This morning I did something different at the end of the yoga class. I had the students sit in a circle, and I asked them to think about the words, I am. I asked them to choose a word to follow “I am”. After each person said their “I am” statement, the group as a collective voice would repeat their statement back to them. These were some of the I am statements:

  • “I am confident.” Group: “You are confident.”

  • “I am strong.” Group: “You are strong.”

  • "I am fierce." Group: "You are fierce."

  • “I am loved.” Group: “You are loved.”

  • “I am clear.” Group: “You are clear.”

  • “I am peaceful.” Group: “You are peaceful.”

As each person said their statement, the room got very quiet. Some students had a hard time using the “I am” statement, for some it brought up emotions and tears. As a chorus of unified voices echoing back, we as the group felt the power of our words and our community. It gave me shivers as we were able to witness these aspects of each other. 

One of the students told me how wonderful it felt to be supported, to hear the group's voices return her statement to her. She said it helped her believe it, to feel it. Swami Rama: "You are whatever you know yourself to be."