In July of 2007 I opened up the issue of Vanity Fair and saw an image of Sri Dharma Mittra doing a headstand with his arms by his sides. My brain couldn’t process what it saw, and I remember feeling puzzled and yet compelled. I wasn’t really sure what attracted me to yoga, but I couldn’t help but be drawn further and further. I was responding wholeheartedly to where it was calling me. I said “Yes!” I was staying with a friend when I read the issue on yoga, and by time I left my friend insisted I take the magazine with me. I paged through the article over and over, saying “Yes, yes, yes.”

Five years later I would finish up my teaching certification, not knowing where the path was leading me. I had never planned to teach, and yet life kept asking me to teach yoga. Throughout the years, I would see this image of Sri Dharma Mittra in a headstand, and think about it. In the past year, I’ve felt it calling me again. Recently, I surprised even myself when I was able to move my arms to the front in headstand.

Earlier in the year my daughter kept talking about New York City, and something nudged me to make arrangements. As I was planning the trip, I looked into yoga workshops and classes. Something prompted me to see where Sri Dharma Mittra was located, and imagine my surprise (not really) when I googled him, and found he has a center in Manhattan. As if this weren’t enough, I scrolled through his classes and workshops and I saw he is celebrating his birthday in the second week of May. I booked the workshop with him, and couldn’t believe the series of events that led me to find that workshop. It feels wonderful that 12 years after seeing that image on Vanity Fair, before I even knew who he was, that I’ll be meeting him and taking a workshop with him.

I think we all get these little nudges, these intuitions. Our job is to say YES, and then watch how life unfolds and moves you to the places where your heart sings.