In July of 2007 I opened up the issue of Vanity Fair and saw an image of Sri Dharma Mittra doing a headstand with his arms by his sides. My brain couldn’t process what it saw, and I remember feeling puzzled and yet compelled. I wasn’t really sure what attracted me to yoga, but I couldn’t help but be drawn further and further. I was responding wholeheartedly to where it was calling me. I said “Yes!” I was staying with a friend when I read the issue on yoga, and by time I left my friend insisted I take the magazine with me. I paged through the article over and over, saying “Yes, yes, yes.”

Five years later I would finish up my teaching certification, not knowing where the path was leading me. I had never planned to teach, and yet life kept asking me to teach yoga. Throughout the years, I would see this image of Sri Dharma Mittra in a headstand, and think about it. In the past year, I’ve felt it calling me again. Recently, I surprised even myself when I was able to move my arms to the front in headstand.

Earlier in the year my daughter kept talking about New York City, and something nudged me to make arrangements. As I was planning the trip, I looked into yoga workshops and classes. Something prompted me to see where Sri Dharma Mittra was located, and imagine my surprise (not really) when I googled him, and found he has a center in Manhattan. As if this weren’t enough, I scrolled through his classes and workshops and I saw he is celebrating his birthday in the second week of May. I booked the workshop with him, and couldn’t believe the series of events that led me to find that workshop. It feels wonderful that 12 years after seeing that image on Vanity Fair, before I even knew who he was, that I’ll be meeting him and taking a workshop with him.

I think we all get these little nudges, these intuitions. Our job is to say YES, and then watch how life unfolds and moves you to the places where your heart sings.


Coming Home

Five years ago I was certified as a yoga instructor & began teaching. This past week I couldn't help but think of the hundreds of students I've taught over these five years. Each & every one of those students I still feel a connection to.

A student told me last night she was "still a beginner" & in many ways I still view myself as a beginner, still learning as I travel down this yogic path. I have been so blessed by wonderful teachers and students along the way. Yoga has given me back myself. In the years prior to yoga I got so far away from who I knew I was.

For me, each time I step in front of a class is a small miracle. I have always been quite shy and content to sit back and let others take the spotlight. There have been so many opportunities I've let pass because of not confronting my fear of speaking. And so I marvel at the fact I'm even writing about teaching for five years! The only explanation is this: love. I love yoga. I loved it even before I fully knew what it was. Years before I ever stepped onto a yoga mat, I would buy yoga magazines. I'd read through them cover to cover, looking at each picture, reading each article. When I finally stepped onto the yoga mat for the first time, I knew I was home. I knew it would be a place for me to return to, to open up to, to surrender to.

I feel uniquely blessed and privileged to have students to share this wonderful practice with. I love hearing stories of how yoga helped someone heal, or helped them grow stronger, or feel better about themselves, or feel more at peace. A student said to me, "Thank you for sharing your gift." But, I really feel grateful to have students to teach, to share this sense of home and to extend it out.

In gratitude,