One on One Private/ Private Group Lessons

The One on One or Private group lessons is a wonderful way to practice yoga. There are a number of reasons why privates may be better for you. Some people's schedules don't work with my public classes. For other people, they have very specific goals with their practice and they require more attention. Other students prefer to learn in a smaller setting. I have also been brought to parties to teach yoga in a small group setting.  No matter what the reason, private yoga sessions will help you have a strong practice. These privates can be held in your home or a studio.

In all my classes, private or public, I stress the importance of good breathing, proper alignment, and relaxation. As a result, you will start to feel a greater sense of calm and joy.

Private Yoga List

Single Session 75 min: $75
Single Session 90 min: $100
5 Pack 75 min: $350
5 Pack 90 min: $420
10 Pack 75 min: $650