"She is extremely passionate about yoga..."

"Lora came to give a talk and meditation/yoga session for an event with the Young Professionals of Fond du Lac and she was AMAZING! She is extremely passionate about yoga and the benefits it can bring to everyone. I personally didn't think I was going to feel good afterwards, especially after she would suggest that I could go deeper into a pose, but I think she knew my body better than I did! The stretches felt fantastic and I felt more at ease at the end of a long day. Thank you Lora for coming and being part of YP and for also pushing me outside my comfort zone gently."

- Young Professionals of Fond du Lac


"Lora is my favorite yogi."

"Lora is my favorite yogi. Her gentle, spiritual instruction style is uplifting and encouraging. She monitors student ability in a way that allows for personal growth, without comparison or competition. I feel fortunate that a teacher of such quality teaches locally."

- Monica Walk


"She makes yoga approachable."

"Lora is an exceptionally intuitive and caring instructor. She demands the best from you by providing you with support to trust yourself as you ease out of your comfort zone. She makes yoga approachable. Her strong connection to the spiritual dimensions of the practice motivated me to learn more. Practicing yoga with Lora for several years has literally changed my life. Yoga is a source of strength, centering, and certainty in an uncertain and anxious world. Thank you Lora for helping me to find my center and trust myself."

- Kristi Wilkum


"Yoga has been my saving grace."

"After 10 years of my daughters suggesting that I start yoga, I started practicing with Lora and have never looked back!! Yoga has been my saving grace! Not only has Yoga helped me with my flexibility, digestion and physically feeling better in my body-it's also allowed me to connect mentally and emotionally and given me calm. At the end of class, my body and brain feel balanced and more present in the world. Lora's words, instruction and encouragement have provided another layer of happiness in my life."

- Patti Koehn


"Lora has taught me that our world is full of connections."

"I have learned more than just yoga poses from Lora's classes. I have learned that my mind and attitude are more important to a successful practice than my physical ability. Lora's classes have taught me that our world is full of connections. Our minds are connected to our bodies, we are connected to others in the class, and the class is connected to people outside of our community. I have learned that our breath is one of the most important and powerful tools in our lives. I have been taking Yoga classes from Lora for over two years and plan to continue for many more. I plan my week around class and there is little that will take precedence over attending class."

- Sharon Stoffel


"I enjoyed Lora's teaching style and her genuine warmth and thoughtfulness."

"If you are a Mom-to-be, taking prenatal yoga with Lora is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. I used the breathing techniques, stretches, and mindfulness Lora taught throughout my second pregIf you are a Mom-to-be, taking prenatal yoga with Lora is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. I used the breathing techniques, stretches, and mindfulness Lora taught throughout my second pregnancy and afterwards... I'm convinced my birth experience was better as a result. I enjoyed Lora's teaching style and her genuine warmth and thoughtfulness. She's the best! nancy and afterwards... I'm convinced my birth experience was better as a result. I enjoyed Lora's teaching style and her genuine warmth and thoughtfulness. She's the best!"

- Greta Beyer


"She has become the standard."

"I have had the benefit of learning the practice of yoga from Lora Vahlsing. It is not just the practice that has made an amazing impact in my life but more Lora's terrific skills and abilities as an instructor. Lora is able to assess every individual's personal needs and help them work to improve and exceed personal progress much further than where they imagined themselves capable of going.

Not only have I gained the tremendous physical benefits of yoga practice, (lower ...blood pressure, more energy, better sleep) but also, because of Lora's "total health " approach, I have received and achieved life-changing emotional and social benefits too.

I had attempted yoga numerous times prior to working with Lora, and a few since, simply due to my schedule. Lora was the first instructor who was able/willing to assist me in reaching my personal health goals.

She has become the standard I hold all other health and holistic leaders to. Thank you Lora!"

- Darcell Salm


"I love taking yoga classes with Lora!"

"I LOVE taking yoga classes with Lora! She is a fabulous teacher. She does a great job explaining not only HOW to do the poses, breathing, and meditation but also teaches us WHY we should do it and how it helps our bodies. She is very engaged during class and is always walking around helping, correcting, and pushing you to go further. I also love the way she gives modifications to accommodate students of all levels. My class has a wide variety of ages, abilities, and yoga experience. Everyone always leaves feeling happy, healthy, and peaceful!"

- Jen Harrison


"Lora's yoga nourishes me..."

"Lora changed my way to think of and look at yoga. Sharing her honest, spiritual, and mindful findings and guide are very insightful. Calm, relaxed, open, and strong mind gives me confidence for various poses during the practice with a right breathing. Lora's yoga nourishes me mentally and physically. Most of all, I love when it affects my daily life in positive ways. Amazingly, healthier mind and body deal better with frustrations you would meet often times."

- Vivi Kim

"She is truly knowledgeable."

"I have been taking yoga classes with Lora for a few years. She is truly knowledgeable as a yogi and she uses every class as an opportunity to teach her students about how specific poses along with the breath can bring positive changes to the body. She addresses all skill levels and always encourages you to challenge yourself. She asks for our input at the beginning of class and customizes each class to address our needs. The end of class relaxation makes sure you leave class feeling stress free."

- Renee Anderson


"She inspires us to do our best."

"Lora is an excellent yoga instructor. She really gets us to go outside our comfort zone. She doesn't let us give up. Lora really has a passion for what she does and, she inspires us to do our best. She continually asks the class for input and wants to know what we want to work on at each class. Lora is great at her job, and I'm glad I have the privilege to attend her classes."

- Tina Engelhardt

"She helps drive me to get the very most out of what yoga has to offer me."

“Lora has been my yoga instructor for several years including prenatal yoga while I was pregnant with my now 2-year-old daughter. No 2 classes with her are ever the same and that variety keeps you eager to go the next class. She offers so many variations to each pose that allow any skill level to participate. She helps drive me to get the very most out of what yoga has to offer me. I promise you will not regret giving her classes a try!!!! ”

— Sarah Mireski


"I so love my YOGA CLASS with HER!"

"Lora Vahlsing's YOGA class has benefited both my physical and mental health for the past five years in numerous ways! I have been able to keep my flexibility at a high level plus I now know techniques to rid my body of muscle aches! I also know how to fight stress in my life due to her ability to teach great breathing strategies! I so love my YOGA CLASS with HER!"

- Jane Gurno


"I bet you will love Lora."

"If you're looking for a great Yoga teacher I bet you will love Lora. I have done some yoga in the past but I would say I am far from experienced. She has helped improve my posture by giving me an array of yoga posses. Most importantly Lora has a strong intellectual understanding of yoga philosophy. Yoga is now my avenue to deepen my soul and to give back to my body's potential."

- Justin Wiechman


"Lora has the most beautiful soul of anyone I know."

"Lora has the most beautiful soul of anyone I know. She is extremely professional and knowledgeable as a yoga instructor. I recommend her to everyone I talk to about yoga and meditation."

- Amanda Sook


"She helps me be the best & brightest version of myself."

"I love Lora. I took her class at UW-FDL. The first thing I learned is that yoga isn't what I thought it was. I've seen many physical changes including lower blood pressure and cholesterol, however, the emotional and spiritual changes have been even more profound. I appreciate that her approach to yoga is "w"holistic, meaning that I like the way she teaches yoga to help her students grow physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. She helps me to be the best and brightest version of myself. My experience has been that all yoga teachers are slightly different. I've tried power yoga and kundalini yoga and I think that I learned things from those experiences. However, her focus on meditation and growth is what keeps me coming back for more."

- Rebecca Rate


"Yoga has something to offer everyone, and Lora embodies this theory."

"Lora brings both a passionate and dedicated prospective as a yoga teacher. She believes in all of her students and their ability to push themselves both on and off the mat. Her classes place a focus on meeting you where you are in your own practice, which tends to attract a warm and welcoming community of students. She has worked with individuals from a broad range of developmental abilities including infants, young children, college students, expecting mothers, and so many more. Yoga has something to offer everyone, and Lora really embodies this theory throughout her practices. Her classes offer an enriching and collaborative mix of poses, breathing techniques, and meditations for all skill levels. I would encourage anyone who is new to yoga, or who may simply be curious about trying it out for the first time, to take her class. Once you go to your first class, you'll definitely want to go again!"

- Courtney Mallinger


"She is constantly expanding on the different aspects of Yoga."

"Lora brings a wide range of diversity to her classes. I am a Yoga teacher as well. Participating in her classes, always awakens new ideas and ways to look at yoga practice. She does well at combining beginner and advanced practices to fit the students in her classes. As well as blending creativity with philosophy, so her students have ways to explore their own practices with more motivation and understanding. Because of her own dedication to practice and study, she is constantly expanding on the different aspects of Yoga practice. Bringing her findings to class, and citing where she's made those findings in physical and philosophical areas. I have practiced both under her, and beside her over the last five years. And I can honestly say, that anyone looking to find a more complete yoga practice will not be disappointed in trying her classes."

- Robert Shine


"I always come away from class feeling happy."

"I am 54 years old and had never taken a yoga class before. My daughter was in Lora's class and told me I would like it. She was right. Lora gently pushes me to try things I think I am too old for, and I am surprised at what my body can still do. There is always some meditation time where Lora encourages us to think positively and to feel good about who we are. I always come away from class feeling happy!"

- Sue S. Kemp